Fashion trends come and go and as 2020 comes to a close, new designs are on the rise and some older styles are coming back.
In general, more sophisticated styles are falling back into fashion, and the maximalist trend shows no signs of slowing down.
At the head of the pack are puff sleeves, and from the rise of luxurious fabrics such as silk and lace to patterns like checks and polka dots, there are plenty of wearable ways to embrace this ultra-feminine aesthetic.
To get a preview of what's to come in 2021, look to any sleeve on any garment right now, and you will have good odds that it is puffed in some way.
So how can you wear the puff sleeve trend without feeling, well, a bit silly? With a bit of a strategy, it's easy.
There are so many subtle ways to facilitate your first tentative steps into the puff-sleeved realm, from structured mini dresses with a slight bit of shoulder volume to t-shirts which "puff" out only slightly.
This super fun 80’s silhouette is girly and glamourous.
Wearing a puff sleeve adds volume to your shoulders drawing the eye up and giving the illusion of a smaller waist.
The bigger the sleeve the better, a puff-sleeved top is a great addition to your wardrobe.
Dress it up or down depending on the occasion.
From a jacket to a formal dress, puff sleeves are the must-have silhouette for this winter.
Be brave, be bold, be courageous, and be unapologetic this season. Absolutely anyone can wear a statement sleeve for any occasion. Have fun with your outfits and forget practicality, opting for style, elegance, and glamour.
Through sharp, structured, tailoring, and soft, curvaceous shape, the princess-esque puff sleeve unites the strong shoulder trend, '80s power dressing.
For the office or a special occasion, this shoulder detailing adds an attention-grabbing element to an otherwise simple outfit.
What Fashion’s Puff Sleeve Trend Represents for Women and Femininity Today?
I think there’s a real return to femininity.
Women now feel empowered to look as feminine as they want and power dressing can be interpreted in a completely feminine way and it’s not a weakness, it’s a strength.
Everything these days is pretty complicated. Life is complicated. The world is complicated. Hell, even the puffed sleeve and its associated romantic, girly aesthetic that’s been all over catwalks and Instagram feeds are complicated. But while we gripe about most things that are complicated, the complexity of the puff sleeve and what it represents for women and femininity today is something to celebrate.
Claim your space using your oversized sleeves as a stylish form of social distancing!!!
Oversized, voluminous shapes are key to making each piece an attention-commanding one.
Inject a bit of an 80’s ultra-feminine vibe into your look by adding a big or small, long or short puff sleeve.
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Puffed sleeve trend

 Photos: Jacopo Maria Barile

I was wearing:

Women & Kidz jacket

Patrizia Pepe pants

Chanel earrings, bracelet, belt, bag, and boots



Unleash your elegance with the right autumn colors.
And the most glamorous and widespread nuances come from the earth: the brown, the military green, the beige, and the tan.
Brown is a bit of the autumn color par excellence, perhaps because it recalls the leaves that change color and the winter vegetation.
Available in different shades, with brown you can play in all outfits, from casual to elegant ones.
Green light, therefore, to all the shades of beige.
Beige has unquestionably been the fashion world's favorite hue this past year, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Beige tones came in various shades on the runways, from pale-pink camel to warm and sandy tones, but I'm really loving the deeper woodsy tan and toffee coloring seen on luxe fabrics such as leather.
Choose the natural shades: play the shades of beige, alternating intense and delicate tones.
Military Olive might technically be a shade of green, but it can very well count as a neutral. It's a strong foundational tone and can instantly bring an element of power to any look.
Deep olive-green tones were seen on an array of fabrics from suede to silk, leather and quilted textures, adding a fearless touch to ensembles.
Whether you pair it with other tonal shades or more saturated opponents, it's easy to incorporate into your Fall 2020 wardrobe.
The used palette for any kind of trendiy piece lies within a beige-brown range, which helps to connect on a deeper level with nature.
So, after years of oblivion, we rediscover the pleasure of wearing a chestnut coat, a soft toffee clutch, a coffee jacket and a pair of caramel boots.
Fashion and beauty marry the entire chromatic range proving to be particularly fond of beige, earth tones, camel. Brown remains one of the most classic and bon ton colors par excellence, in all its shades and also on the check print. To be worn in nuance or broken, in combination with other shades.
For all cult pieces, these earth shades are a good choice, they remind us to be in contact with nature.
Play with the textures and materials that give character to the look: contemporary and conceptual in the cuts of the leather, very British in the checked prints, full of charm in the men's fabrics.
So, in the colors of autumn, I blend in with the landscape, and to give light to my outfit the beautiful Bronzallure creations, the Made in Italy brand that designs jewels in the exclusive Golden Rosé alloy plated in 18kt rose gold.

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Location: my country house - Venticano - Italy

Photos: Rebecca Barile

I was wearing:

Dsquared2 blazer

Zara blouse and leggings

Bronzallure jewels

Bottega Veneta the pouch

Dolce&Gabbana shoes

Pantone color of the year: classic blue
When Pantone released its colors this year, the heavy focus was on timeless, staple shades, like Classic Blue.
So, one of the all-time classics is become a huge buzz in this season.
This color is not boring, but instead, it is a wearable classic that don’t go out of style and can be incorporated into nearly any wardrobe. The blue is a color that fits in well with a movement away from fast fashion towards long-lasting, well-thought-out wardrobes.
Blues took over the fall 2020 runway colors, with classic blue being a major stand out as Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020.
It’s a deep but vivid color that is extremely versatile, and it’s also rich with possibility.
A sober and confident color, used by designers in some really playful and creative way, and it can still serve as a trusted backbone to any wardrobe. The designers who create garments for professionals made heavy use of it, making it one of the key fall-winter 2020 color trends.
It a great shade to wear in the evening when you want to intrigue.
A color blue is always relevant as its wide range of hues offers so much diversity, making it easy for us to keep finding fresh and exciting alternatives to the overused shades of previous seasons.
The color blue stands for integrity, power, tranquility and health, and is considered as beneficial to the mind and body.
It brings calm and sense of stability we all desperately crave for these days.
Blue symbolizes trust and wisdom, confidence. It endorses optimism and sparks happiness in its purest form.
The reassuring qualities of the thought-provoking PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue highlight our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.
What do you think about this timeless and enduring blue hue, elegant in its simplicity?

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Location: the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Avellino - Italy


timeless classic blue

Photos: Jacopo Maria Barile

I was wearing:

Merci jacket

Piera Pischedda skirt

Dior belt, pin, bag, and boots


Now that it’s getting colder, getting dressed in the morning takes a little more thought.
Looking chic and staying warm without bulking up requires a creative eye, balance of fabric weight, and just the right pieces.
This can make getting dressed each morning a challenge, as you need to layer like a pro, which means more decisions to be made about what to wear, what pairs well with what, and so on. Stressful, indeed!
Luckily, layering is a big trend for fall.
Layering is a great way to use all the old clothes in your closet and put together a new look every single time.
The more layers, the merrier: my lessons in layering.
These layering tricks will help you outsmart the weather this season.
Fall is the perfect time to test out your layering skills and utilize some of your existing favorites with this season's must haves.
- Knit cardigans are making a huge comeback this year, and is a layering dream come true.
The great thing about cardigans is how versatile they are when it comes to styling. For warmer days, you can wear a cardi over  a button-down blouse or a silk dress.
When the days grow colder, you can layer a cardi over a thin knit turtleneck.
- Dresses that can be easily layered are perfect this season – look for dresses that you can layer a turtleneck under or under a chic coat. Pair your dress with a pair of chunky Chelsea boots or combat boots for a cool vibe.
But, dresses over pants became the season’s most directional silhouette.
The dress-over-pants trend is one you’ll either love, hate, or love to hate.
Pull different seasonal pieces – think summer dress over a pair of skinnies, booties or sneakers and a jacket – and see how they might work together.
Will you dare to wear a dress over pants?
The layered look has been a popular trend in recent years, and this season, trendsetters are taking it a bold step further with the dress over pants. If you are thinking of wearing a dress over pants and wondering whether it even makes sense. Yes it does, and you’ll love it. This ‘90s inspired trend is a cool new way to update items you already own by pairing them in a unique way that might not initially come to mind.
Layering a wool cardigan over your favourite dressr is a foolproof way to keep cosy.
It’s actually a styling trick that’s relatively easy to pull off and practical. Layering a dress over pants looks chic, keeps your legs warmer than tights, gives dresses that cool tomboy contrast, and extends your wardrobe by essentially turning a dress into a top or jacket.
After all, this trend is definitely all about experimentation.
Ready to embrace this layering all-star for fall? 

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Location: Monumento al Pellegrino - Ospedaletto d'Alpinolo - Italy

Photos: Jacopo Maria Barile

I was wearing:

Twinset cardigan and jeans

Zara dress

Dior bag, pin, and sneakers


Glamour has been highlighted by leather fashion pretty well in the last decade.
Leather and faux-leather were dominating the runways this season. It is the modern must-have essential for this winter.
Jackets, coats, dresses, pants, skirts, and tops have all been designed to layer from head to toe.
Layering glossy and matte textures is a great way to make your outfit visually appealing.
I have outlined the must-have garments you can put together to get this edgy look.
The leather trend has literally exploded!

So here are some outfit ideas to follow the leather trend of this season, let’s start with a great wardrobe classic:
- The leather jacket -
A leather jacket is an investment piece that never loses its value.
Leather blazers are proving to be particularly popular thanks to their '90s appeal, as are leather trenches, which offer a more dramatic finish.
The leather shirt is one of the latest editions to the leather style cannon, and it's perfect for this in-between weather.
Remember to throw over a white tee or roll-neck when the mercury drops.
- The leather pants -
More than a trend, here we have an evergreen: trousers inleather are really stylish and anything but aggressive.
Leather trousers in all styles: cropped, flair, straight or wider.
You can combine them with a low-heel shoe or a pair of décolleté, with chunky boots or sneakers.
- The leather shorts -
They are not easy, I know! But with opaque tights and an ankle boot, there is no risk of appearing vulgar.
I really like it combined with long and unstructured jackets or a simple sweater.
You can wear them also at work if it is not a formal environment.
- The leather skirt -
While the other leather trends might feel a little edgy, the leather skirt has managed to acquire a more polished facade.
Pencil or flared, you just need a leather skirt to create a great-looking day look.
How to combine it? A light sweater or the classic white shirt to never make mistakes.
Shoes? Booties or combat boots make it more gritty; or instead of the decidedly more feminine high heel.
- The leather dress -
A leather dress is a must this winter.
Silhouettes include tailored dresses, shirt dresses, dresses with puffy sleeves, mini dresses and form fitting and wraps dresses.
The leather dress, from the classic sheath dress to the more flared model, is an original alternative for a daily look.

But the real news is that many of the fashion crowd have been wearing their leather head to toe for instant impact—it's essentially 2020's answer to double denim.
Remenber, it's important to stick to boxy silhouettes and avoid anything too high-shine.
If you are not into head to toe looks, you can choose to incorporate one statement piece into your outfit.
So, are you also in love with this autumn’s leather trend?
On which piece do you bet?
What do you think of my leather total look?

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Location: Victor Hugo Palace - Avellino - Italy
The leather trend
the leather trend
head to toe leather trend

Photos: Jacopo Maria Barile

I was wearing:

Zara total look

Bottega Veneta bag


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