mercoledì 13 marzo 2013

Blazer Addict

E' la giacca di taglio maschile il must-have che non deve assolutamente mancare nell'armadio di una vera fashionista. Un passe-partout, un capo intramontabile, super versatile, perfetto in ogni occasione. Sconfina e si modella, veste bon ton e urban style. Che sia classico, casual, preppy, navy, biker, sta bene a tutte. Ed è un vero e proprio mood!
Pillole di stile dalla strada, in blazer, of course...

It 's the mannish cut jacket the must-have that every fashionista should have in the wardrobe. It 'a passe-partout, a timeless item, super versatile, perfect for every occasion. Borders and molds, for elegant and urban style. Whether it is classic, casual, preppy, navy, biker, love it all. And it is a real mood! 
Pills of style from the street, in blazers, of course ...
source: tumblr
Anche questa primavera, il blazer è in cima alla wishlist di stagione e sarà impossibile non averne almeno uno in guardaroba!

Also this spring, once again, the blazer is on top of the wish list of the season and it will be impossible not to have at least one in the wardrobe!


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  1. La giacca é il capo spalla che ti risolve qualsiasi look!
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  2. É proprio cosí....
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  4. I too am a blazer addict. After buying grey one, I want a peach boyfriend blazer. Lets see how soon I find that. Lovely post.

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  7. I have an addiction with blazers and I couldn't agree more with this post:) Can't wait for the weather to get better so I can wear them! Love the third one, great colour!:)x
    Great blog and happy to follow you! I am your new follower via GFC.x

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  8. Great post! I love all the different ways to wear blazers :)
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